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After Dark VR: Your Nyctophobia Won’t Appreciate


Do you like to play cat and mouse in the dark with friends? After Dark VR could then be an interesting proposition.

A new title VR developed by Algo Interactive and published by Nexxverse Games will see the light of day in this beautiful month of January. And if you like to scare yourself and fear the dark, this might be the one for you.

the survival horror After Dark VR will indeed be launched on PCVR the January 21, 2022 and will offer cooperative survival in the dark where you can embody either the hunter or one of his prey helping each other manage to escape and stay alive. five cards giving pride of place to darkness and shadow effects will be offered when the game is launched, but others will then come to expand the offer.

The hunter who manages to catch his victims will send them directly in a cage where they will be locked up. These jails will be randomly positioned within the level in order to complicate the task of the teammates who would like to free the hostages. The survivors, meanwhile, will aim to get your hands on 4 fuse boxes to activate the exit door and thus be able to flee.

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