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After Mario, LEGO launches a collection with Sonic


While continuing its collaboration with Nintendo and its mustached plumber, the LEGO company is launching in 2022 a new collection in the colors of the SEGA mascot.

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi or even Toad have all had the right to their LEGO collectibles and it still continues, for the moment anyway. At the same time, the construction game juggernaut is tackling another flagship license of the gaming universe, Sonic.

The blue hedgehog will therefore have the right, from January 1, 2022, to its own collection. In terms of content, we are very close to what the Mario collab has offered so far, namely packs comprising enough bricks to create a small scene in which our characters interact.

If you are interested, know that it is already possible to pre-order at this address, for € 69.99

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