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After the aborted Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima would finally hold his horror game


According to the words of Tom Henderson, Hideo Kojima would be on a horror game which would notably feature an actress who officiated in his previous creation.

If the fans ofHideo Kojima surely regret not having been able to see what a Silent Hill made by the father of Metal Gear could have looked like, it seems that with this rumor, even leak in view of the reliability of the source, a little hope will be for them vehicle. However, this does not dispel the doubt that it may exist, because it is above all a rumor to be handled with care.

A horror game called Overdose?

Once is not custom, it’s the journalist Tom Henderson who provided the information, whether through their article in Try Hard Guides or their page Twitter.

According to him, he would have received, from an anonymous person, a certain sequence of a title signed Kojima Productions which would feature the actress who plays Mama in Death Stranding (Margaret Qualley). However, it would not be a sequel to the latter, whose production has already begun according to Norman Reedus. No, here, it would rather be a question of a new horror title which appears under the name ofOverdose in which it would be possible to switch from the first to the third person.

At least that’s what the supposed images that have been made available seem to indicate. from Henderson, which according to the description made would draw attention to a rather heavy universe. And for good reason, in the video possibly communicated, the aforementioned woman would walk through dark corridors, having only the light of her flashlight as her only guide.

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An exclusive and an announcement at the Xbox/Bethesda conference?

And, what about this title? Could this be the Xbox project that we heard about some time ago and which still seems to be relevant? Moreover, in this regard, Henderson recalls the remarks made by Jeff Grubb who had notably confirmed that Kojima Productions were in talks with Xbox. Something to which he did not provide an answer in his article. However, he seems convinced that something is afoot. And, he takes in particular for support a certain cliché that can also be seen on the Web in which have recently posed Geoff Keighley and Hideo Kojima, while communicating via Zoom. This does not exclude an appearance by the Japanese director at the event.

So should we see the game in question appear in a few days, during the opening of the Summer Game Fest? Or wait until the Xbox conference? Or would it be the famous PS VR2 title? We’ll see, but in the latter case, we shouldn’t expect an announcement before a next Sony event.

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But, by all appearances, it seems almost certain to see such a title show up soon. The existence of this horror game, Overdose or whatever its title, there is practically no doubt. Why? Already, at first, Henderson seems to rely on the user’s tweet The Snitchincluding all the predictions of the last State of Play would have come true. And then, since the very recent message from Henderson being added in response to the previous possible revelation of this game, we can only be confirmed in the thesis of the leak. He asserts that after publishing his article, Kojima Productions contacted him directly to ask him to remove the info. So should this be seen as evidence of a confession?

After this article was published, Kojima Productions contacted me via email to request its removal.

I refused this request.

So, convinced of the leak? In any case, this now seems to give hope to previous rumors about the creation of a horror title with the presence of Junji Ito in particular…or not.

Source: tryhardguides.com

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