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After the PC, PlayStation aims to expand into mobile games


Sony and PlayStation Studios are increasing the recruitment of veterans of the mobile games industry. A superteam dedicated to ports on smartphones seems to be taking shape.

We talk a lot about the desire to playstation to expand its branch dedicated to adaptations on PC, in particular with the acquisition of Nixxes Software, a large recruitment in this direction or the arrival of many ports on Steam. But the manufacturer of the PlayStation also targets another flourishing sector: mobile games.

The group has therefore decided to appoint two new industry veterans to important positions. Kabam alum Kris Davisone of the leaders in the sector, has been recruited as director of mobile business development, while the former producer of Zynga and Meta (ex-Oculus), Olivier Courtemanchebecame Head of Mobile Products at PlayStation Studios.

Spotted by MobileGamer.bizthese changes (which accumulate to others in 2021 in the same vein) seem to indicate that PlayStation has big ambitions for its branch dedicated to games on smartphones, while a major competitor, Netflix, is already on the offensive. Last year, Jim Ryan was already making a first inventory:

PlayStation has a huge catalog of diverse intellectual properties that can be adapted for smartphone games and complement our AAA games or our live-service games. We explore the mobile market with wonderful PlayStation franchisesso stay tuned.

Source: www.gamesindustry.biz

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