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Age Of Empires 4 soon on Xbox consoles?


A version dedicated to Microsoft consoles would be in the works for several months, and Xbox could officialize this port very soon.

The last opus of the famous franchise of strategy gameAge of Empires IV, could soon land on the Xbox consoles. According to the twitter account Aggiornamenti Lumia, which has already revealed several indiscretions, the title should soon “lose” its PC exclusivity.

The start of hostilities for Gamescom 2022 is expected very soon, and an announcement could take place on this occasion. From there to hope for an arrival on other consoles, including the PS5, we should not get too excited. As a reminder, AoE 4 is already available on the PC Game Pass from Microsoft and has a long (platonic) history with the American studio, which publishes the franchise since 1997.

The series had only one infidelity, it was in 1999 with AoE 2. The game was released a few years later on PS2 and DS. But since a few months, rumors say that a version specifically made for Xbox is in progress at Relic for this AoE 4.