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Alongside God of War, new PlayStation TV series are revealed


Sony has announced the production of a few TV series devoted to several of its successful licenses. Among them, God of War is confirmed.

New adaptations devoted to Sony’s flagship licenses will see the light of day. The company has in fact affirmed its desire to further extend his portfolio towards the world of cinema and television. On this occasion, some names have already been mentioned, as well as some companies to which the projects will be entrusted.

God of War, Horizon, Gran Turismo series

Not long ago, Deadline reported the information concerning a live series stamped Amazon and intended for the universe of God of War. Now, Sony is making it official and also giving more information about two other projects currently in development.

Thus, we learn that Horizonthe Guerrilla franchise, will also be entitled to a television production, which will be paid for by netflix. And that’s not all, since Gran Turismo is also concerned. But, for the moment, as far as it is concerned, we still do not know who will be entrusted with the production.

Also, in addition to titles such as Twisted Metal, The Last of Us or even Ghost of Tsushima, 10 other licenses of the Japanese brand are also affected by adaptation projects, according to the Hollywood Reporter. And why not, Jak and Dexter as rumors have it?

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