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Alvo: Multi Shooter Coming to Quest 2 in March


After some success on PSVR, Mardonpol is finally bringing its competitive gaming to Meta’s latest standalone headset.

If we were expecting Alvo last June on PCVR and Quest 2, nothing happened and only PSVR players can thus for the moment confront each other in the 5v5 online shooter from Mardonpol.

The title, announced since 2017, having been approved by what was still called Facebook last September, we hoped to see it arrive quickly and a fortiori before the end of 2021, but it is ultimately only the March 17, 2022 that it will see the light of day Quest 2.

As for the version PCVRwe are always waiting for a release datewhile it has been available on PSVR for almost a year now.

This modern warfare FPS close to Counter-Strike providing support for the cross playso more players should soon be able to find themselves on the battlefield.

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With her arcade sightthis one is easy to handle, and the new version will bring more elementssuch as support for dual wielding weapons and the possibility of reload manually. One four-player cooperative zombie mode should also appear soon.

Here is another title that comes, with Cosmonious High, to extend the list of VR titles planned for this month of March.

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