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Amateur studio shapes Silent Hill remake under Unreal Engine 5


After Dino Crisis, it’s Silent Hill. Once again, amateur artists took to the task of seeing what the legendary Silent Hill would look like under Epic’s latest-generation engine.

Unreal Engine 5 makes many people dream. You just have to see the hype around the PS5 Matrix experience in December, and especially the number of projects from fans who wanted to see what cult games would look like under Epic’s new physics engine.

After Dino Crisis so here is silent Hill in ninth generation mode. Codeless Studios had fun recreating the very first minutes of the game and posted the result of his work on Youtube. Nearly 200,000 views in 48 hours for this fanmade work currently in pre-alpha which includes camera movements and music, while showing very high realism on the cutscene. Even if we still feel the weight of the years despite the 2022 envelope on it, everyone agrees that there is a huge potential and now want to see more. Or that it gives ideas to Konami (not hot at the moment) …

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Faced with the hype surrounding this video, the studio left a message about their work:

First of all we would like to thank you for all the love and support you have given to our project, we feel totally overwhelmed with love and we know there is a lot to polish!

Secondly, no one else would like to finish it but us, but the Silent Hill license is not ours, which is legally impossible for us. Our intention has been to share with you what we like and we hope you like it too.

We will try to continue the project, improving the demo and adding different playable areas, puzzles, enemies …

If you fancy playing it again with slightly better graphics than the original version, you can still grab the HD Collection, a shameful port to PS3.

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