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Amazon Games signs new publishing deal with indie studio


The publisher of Lost Ark and New World announces an agreement with a new studio for a co-op and competitive multiplayer MMO project. The group also has other titles in the cards.

After trying to pick up the pieces with the players, developing New World and then publishing Lost Ark, Amazon Games continues its momentum. Following the flops of its productions in its first years of existence, it seems that the sky is a little brighter for the American publisher. Now, Amazon Games announces a publishing deal with a independent studio from Berkeley, California: Disruptive Games.

A new action-adventure MMO

Behind this name straight from the brain of a Silicon Valley benchmarker who does brunch asap on the rooftop, hides a future MMO (how amazing) of action-adventure, playable in cooperation or competition and which will be revealed shortly.

In its press release, Amazon does not hesitate to recall that its latest product, Lost Ark has been a huge hit on the Twitch and Steam charts, surpassing 10 million players since its release last February. For New World, the studio only releases a short note since everyone has already forgotten the game. No big deal: “Amazon Games also has multiple unannounced projects in development, both at its in-house studios and with other developers, including indie studio Glowmade based in Guildford, England.»

Disruptive Games has notably worked in the past on the multiplayer from Diablo II: Resurrected, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, and GodFall. The founder, Eric Ellis, is a former director of multiplayer at Insomniac Games. For this new title in an original IP, recruitment is on.

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