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An 8K VR headset unveiled by Sony, but it’s not the PSVR 2


As PlayStation gamers stand firm for the new PSVR 2 headset, Sony unveiled a revolutionary new micro-OLED headset at its Technology Day.

We prefer to cut short any fantasy in our title: no, it is not (well, until proven guilty) the PSVR 2 which is unveiled by Sony in a video published this week on the occasion of Sony Technology Day. But, for the youngest of you who may have forgotten it, the creator of the PlayStation is first and foremost a manufacturer of hitech products like the walkman, the videocassette or the Betacam.

Among the new technologies presented at its conference, a new 8K virtual reality headset. A prototype for the moment, developed by Sony R&D and which is equipped with two micro-OLED 4K displays, a cutting-edge technology that makes it possible to no pixel in a helmet. Latency is also extremely low, almost immediate (10ms, 10 times less than a VR headset), and the lenses offer a field of view almost as wide as the human eye.

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If its application should not not be dedicated to video games, in any case initially, the technology suggests what could become of the world of VR in the years to come. There is no doubt that SIE could also be inspired by it for the further development of the PSVR, the 2nd version of which has somewhat disappeared from radar since this summer.

However, the group is categorical: due to the technological limitations of the PS5 (and the cost of manufacture, and therefore of sale, of the object), 4K in micro-OLED will not be on the PSVR 2. Pity.

Source: www.vrplayer.fr

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