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an EA Help flaw? News @VGR


For weeks now, hundreds of players have been having their FUT jackpot on FIFA 22 plundered by hackers who use a completely legal technique to take possession of the accounts.

If you also have in mind the cliché of the hacker, the guy posted in front of his screens tapping frantically on his keyboard like Mr. Robot, you are going to be disappointed.

For some time now, FUT, the famous mode pay-to-win of FIFA 22 is in the crosshairs of pirates who squander hundreds of accounts by looting their content (players, credits, etc.) But what is even more serious is that these use methods without third-party software, simply by leveraging the support of EA, EA Help.

It was after several weeks of investigation that the players finally understood the modus operandi of these “hackers” and more precisely when many victims tried to recover their property.

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After having suffered a theft, the complainants naturally turned to the EA Help platform, discovering at the same time, thata request had been made on their behalf to request a retrieval of login credentials. Except, of course, it wasn’t from them.

The hackers therefore simply recovered the account name, sometimes even the email address, and made a stupid request for a lost password.

A security breach in the protection of personal data that has not failed to react on the web, so that thousands of players have signed a petition, while others are even thinking of launching a legal action against the editor.

For his part, EA has announced serious work on the subject and asks all players to change their password and activate two-factor authentication. by following this link.

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