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An erotic title that “can be played with one hand” has joined the eShop


With the very recent release of Hentai Uni on the eShop, Nintendo seems to confirm its intention to move towards more adult content.

This Tuesday April 12alongside the excellent 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, a particular game appeared on theeShop of the Switch. Erotic content that, according to its developers, “can be played with one hand”. You have the picture, huh?

Hentai Kingdomsuch is the name of the title, wants to be a game where the player is invited to solve certain puzzles in order to achieve the ultimate goal: to completely undress the four female characters proposed through twelve scenes.

Nintendo to more adult content?

A coming which can probably surprise, but which is not a completely new case. Already last year, as Nintendo Life reported, Nintendo’s digital platform uploaded a similar game: Hentai vs. Evil. And, when we seek more, like VGCother, to say the least, explicit titles also appear in the catalog, such as “Fantasy Tavern Sextet”, “Panty Party” and “DokiDoki Pants“.

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nintendowhich has a reputation for reaching a younger audience, would however have hinted, when the Switch came out in 2017, wanting to move towards publishing more mature content. This therefore includes everything related to violence, but also, as we can see, more sexualized productions. An initiative which, in comparison, is (it seems) totally the opposite of what sonywith its censorship actions aimed in particular at this type of entertainment.

However, access to this kind of game is supervised, and is subject to parental consent.

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