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An old Xbox 360 shoot’em up is back on consoles


More than 10 years after its release, Cave’s bullet hell, Akai Katana Shin, is back on sale on PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Scheduled for release in 2022.

Perhaps only a few genre afficionados among our readers remember it: Akai Katana Shin, a bullet hell released in arcade in 2010 and on Xbox 360 the following yearis back. Considered as a small nugget of the shoot’em up at its release, the title of Cave will now land on PS4, Xbox One and Switch on December 15.

We owe this return to City Connection, which specializes in necromancy (they bought Jaleco in 2014 and have since revived old licenses like Galactic Attack, Rival Turf or Deathsmiles I.II) and fills a gap: the 360 title is not compatible on recent consoles of the American brand.

According to City Connection, the game will be offered in a bundle with its three versions as on X360: the original on arcade, the Slash Mode, and the Climax Mode. An online ranking will be integrated and a new arrangement by the original composer of the OST is planned.

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