Home News An Xbox Series X “Pro” in preparation at Microsoft? News @VGR

An Xbox Series X “Pro” in preparation at Microsoft? News @VGR


According to a specialized journalist who has already seen right on Xbox consoles, a new chip is in production to offer an improved version of Xbox Series X.

No doubt to answer the rumors of the smaller, more powerful PS5 Pro coming next year, Microsoft has already ordered an “Xbox Series X Pro”, a new formula for its flagship console. Although it remains just as much of a rumor, the tech journalist Brad Sams (who had announced specs for the Xbox Series and the XSS before anyone else) announced that they had some clues about this new machine.

The main information is that a new chip is already being created at Microsoft, smaller and less energy consuming, the very one that is found under the hood. If it will not radically change the Xbox Series X, this new version could improve performance in terms of consumption and temperature. But given this minimal change, do not expect a redesign of the machine.

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The insider also recalls that this project is part of the company’s ecological ambition to offer less energy-consuming machines. Finally, he believes that the “Keystone project” which is also under construction at MS could be much more than just a chip overhaul and therefore arguably a new console.

Is there any point in releasing a Pro version when the original consoles are still out of stock? We discussed it in the last podcast.

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