Home News An Xbox update allows you to mute all sounds on the console

An Xbox update allows you to mute all sounds on the console


Xbox Insider Program enrollees can now mute all console sounds in a new option currently leading on Microsoft consoles.

The option is currently only available to Xbox Insiders, the program that allows you to test console features in advance. Players in the Alpha ring (the most active rank) will be able to test an update deployed this Wednesday which adds the ability to mute all console sounds.

You can now choose to turn off sound effects that accompany actions such as button presses and dashboard navigation, as well as notification pop-ups. This new setting appears both in General > Volume and audio output > Additional options, or in Accessibility > Audio.

Other bug fixes are in effect, and Microsoft is working on issues related to the HDMI-CEC connection or the synchronization of the controllers. If you are part of the program, you can find the patch note on the Xbox Wire site.

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Source: news.xbox.com

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