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Announced on Xbox, the Persona series is also coming to Steam and PS5


Taking advantage of the Xbox conference to announce itself on the brand’s platforms, the Persona series will also be landing on PS5 and Steam.

It was during the Xbox conference that the arrival of the persona-series on the brand’s platforms, with, as we recall, a visit in French. However, the latter will not be the only ones to see them appear.

An arrival on Steam and PS5

As Eurogamer notably informed, to whom a press release was sent, the three episodes announced during the Xbox conference (PPersona 5 Royal, Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 Portable) will also be available on PS5 and Steam. However, with regard to these platforms, no specific date has yet been set.

These beloved games will also be available on Steam and PlayStation 5

So only the Switch will still remain without a canonical episode of the Atlus saga in its catalog. But perhaps the supposed Nintendo presentation, apparently scheduled for the end of June, will formalize an upcoming addition. We’ll see. Wait and see, as they say.

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As a reminder, with regard to Persona 4 Golden, it is already accessible, since 2020, on the Valve platform. And Persona 5 Royal can also be played on Sony’s latest console through backwards compatibility.

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