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announcements on Metroid Prime 4 soon? News @VGR


Retro Studios, the studio behind the Metroid Prime trilogy in the early 2000s, could finally reveal information on the 4th opus, announced since 2017.

With the utmost discretion, Retro Studios has updated his banner photo on Twitter last nightnow displaying an artwork where you can see samus aran in the shadow of a blue futuristic decor. An update that could announce upcoming news on the studio’s construction sites.

And there’s only one so far: Metroid Prime 4. The game was announced at E3 2017, almost five years ago already, but after a few years of development, has been finally entrusted in 2019 to Retro Studios because it did not reach the “quality standards” with the previous studio (Bandai Namco).

A slightly chaotic development since Retro Studios additionally announced in 2020 to seek a lead producer for the game.. Since then, fans’ attention has been captured by the very good Metroid Dread, released by MercurySteam. As a reminder, Retro Studios is at the origin of the trilogy Metroid Prime in the early 2000s, a spin-off from the main series.

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