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Another free-to-play from Konami takes the water and closes its doors altogether


No, it’s not eFootball, but another failed free-to-play game from Konami that will be shutting down its servers soon.

In addition to eFootball, which will also receive one of its main modes in the form of paid DLC, Konami has capitalized on several other licenses in the form of free-to-play and this, since the dawn of time, except that it doesn’t always work.

It’s not the Bomb

This is particularly the case of Super Bomberman R Online, available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, which will cut its servers from December 1st. This free-to-play version of Super Bomberman R, which is still sold to him full pot, did not meet with the expected success after 18 months of good and loyal service.

The game has continued to run with the support of many users since its launch in May 2021. But due to various circumstances, we have decided to end the service on all platforms on December 1, 2022 at 01:00 UTC. The sale of Bomber Coins and Premium Packs ends at 01:00 UTC on June 1, 2022. We ask that all unused Bomber Coins be used before the end of service. We hope you enjoy the game until the end of the service.

Furthermore, Konami informs us that the Bomberman license is not dead and will make new announcements very soon.

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The Bomberman series continues to expand with new projects. We hope to be able to share more information with you soon. Thank you for your continued support of the Bomberman series.


So it would seem that the publisher’s most explosive game still has enough resources to come back from the dead.

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