Home News Another important resignation from Activision Blizzard

Another important resignation from Activision Blizzard


The CEO of the group Bobby Kotick is still not on the departure, but within the studio, resignations follow one another. This time it is the figure of the protest movement that is leaving.

While Bobby Kotick still does not seem inclined to let go of the helm of the sinking ship Activision Blizzard, resignations are linked on the side of the American group. In the harassment case in the studio, a key figure in the protest movement decided to take the door.

Jessica gonzalez, Blizzard employee and union member ABetterABK who has been asking for long weeks for the boss to resign, announced his resignation on his social networks.

In an open letter, above all, she denounces the CEO’s “inaction and refusal to take responsibility”, which leads “great talents” to leave the company (as many observers have already noted). “Our products are going to suffer until you step down as CEO.”

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Jessica Gonzalez also announces that she is leaving the world of video games to take a similar place in QA for a company in the fintech. The public petition calling for Kotick’s resignation has reached more than 31,000 signatures and the one launched by the union has been signed by 1,800 people within the group.

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