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Any clues about the PS5 remake of The Last of Us? News @VGR


Sony is looking for someone to join the ranks of Visual Arts, which is currently working on “a new game” for the PlayStation. We could see clues for the PS5 remake which was in rumors.

The rumor has been going for many months but a lot of players want to believe it: Sony is reportedly working on a PS5 remake of its famous adventure game The Last of Us. This would also be attributed to Visual arts, one of the subsidiaries of SIE which works in secret on internal franchises.

In a job offer published by the group, we learn that Sony is looking for a game designer in San Diego, to join “a new game in development in collaboration with PlayStation Studios Visual Arts”.

In the description, several elements make it possible to set a first framework for this project: the technician will have to “improve existing levels”, “prototype and perfect gameplay mechanics” and above all “implement existing gameplay systems in a new structure”. Everything therefore suggests that this is indeed a remake.

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The post also talks about combat based gameplay melee and ranged combat, a game 3rd person action and a strong console experience, while citing several references like Uncharted, Death Stranding, God of War and The Last of Us II.

If it is not certain that it is indeed a remake for this game in particular, that falls rather well after this rumor of last April and which was precisely attributed to this same studio. We will obviously wait to know more to be categorical …

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