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Any clues about the release of GTA 6 in Take-Two’s latest review? News @VGR


According to several analysts, the multi-year schedule recently announced by the parent company of Rockstar seems to point to a release of GTA 6 for fiscal year 2024.

The video game giant Take-Two has potentially given some clues about the future release of GTA 6 in his last financial report. Recently, the group that owns Rockstar announced the takeover of the mobile publisher Zynga, taking the opportunity to discuss its prospects for development with shareholders.

In its multi-year forecast, Take Two revealed a net increase in revenues of 14% in 2024. A date which should thus, according to another analyst of the investment company Jefferies, quoted by Axios, coincide with the next major studio release. And in the company’s pipes, there is arguably only one game that can boast of having this stuff: GTA 6.

In other words, the future episode of the Rockstar series could be released for the fiscal year which will then end on March 31, 2024, according to Doug Creutz, analyst at the Cowen Institute. Obviously, like all the news on GTA 6 that we have been relaying for many years, nothing has been confirmed. The title is not visible in the official calendar until 2024 and many rumors suggest at least 2025.

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In the meantime, Rockstar is fully concentrating on remasters and other remakes of its main titles, such as the recent GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition or a possible GTA 4 Definitive Edition next year …

Source: www.axios.com

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