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Any news on Sony’s “Game Pass” for this month of March 2022? News @VGR


Right in the crosshairs of rumors, Sony’s Project Spartacus is slowly preparing its ground and could arrive sooner than expected.

Who says new week, says new clues for Project Spartacus, Sony’s famous Xbox Game Pass. While many leaks reported on the various subscriptions and an upcoming release, new leads seem to indicate that Sony would be setting the stage for a release or announcement in a very short time.

When Playstation Plus and PS Now merge

In recent days and in several countries, some users have indeed noted, in particular on the NeoGaf forums, a merger of the Playstation Plus and PS Now offer during the manual renewal of their subscriptions, thus recalling the previous information about the different subscription levels.

Since then, several players have tried various manipulations (renewal of PS Plus, PS Now or both at the same time) and all come to the same conclusion: the two services would now be part of the same offer.

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Our colleagues from IGN Italy have also tried the manipulation and actually confirm that when buying a 12 month PS Plus subscription and then a 1 month PS Now, the two offers merge and are both accessible for 12 months. However, IGN Italy remains a little behind and also speaks of a potential bug, except that after several days, Sony has neither communicated nor repaired said “problem”.

Sony’s Game Pass from March 2022?

It would therefore not be a crash, but rather the beginnings of the famous Project Spartacus. In addition, the numerous leaks of the last few months, like the recent news from Jeff Grubb, let it be understood that he would be talked about in the coming months.

Additionally, reputable insider AccountNGT has claimed that Playstation was preparing a live event for the month of March 2022, with a lot of announcements. We could therefore hope that between the postponement of Forspoken and the return of Infamous and Sly Cooper, Sony will make room for the big reveal of its Project Spartacus.

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The future will tell us, for the moment we put on gloves and take tweezers. Although it’s starting to make a lot of intersecting information, nothing is less certain and only the Japanese giant can bring the end of the story.

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