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Arcadegeddon hits a milestone


The cooperative shooter looter from the small studio Illfonic was a big hit and players flocked to its arcade.

Available since July 5th on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox OneIllFonic’s cooperative shooter has made a big impression on players, much more so than Predator: Hunting Grounds, their previous production.

The first million mark

The studio has a lot to be proud of and can break out the champagne, as its latest game, Arcadegeddon, has managed to seduce no less thanone million players in just under a month. A success for the software partly due to the fact that it landed in the free games of the PS Plus from its release.

Shooter looter at heart, Arcadegeddon offers players to cooperate in clearing a futuristic and fantasy arcade of a horde of digital enemies through 6 different biomes, all while getting their hands on more and more loot.
Even if the studio is currently working on Ghostbuster: Spirits Unleashed, it promises to add content to Arcadegeddon regularly which should still keep its community in suspense for many months.

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For the moment, the software is only available in digital version, but a physical edition should be available by August 30th on consoles.

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