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Arcadegeddon unveils its physical edition


Take up arms against an evil corporation and go on a multiplayer adventure to save video games.

The development studio Illfonicin collaboration with thepublisher Nighthawk Interactive and Just for Gamespresents the physical edition of the shooter Arcadegeddon. Available from August 30, 2022 on PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series Xthis game cooperative multiplayer in the third person invites you to build your team between friends to save the video games.

Arcadegeddon puts in scene Gilly, unfortunate owner of an arcadewho finds himself in the sights of Fun Fun Co, a mega-corporation that is trying to get its hands on his company. To face it, he decides to combine all the best games of his room to create the best possible game. Only this one is hacked and invaded by a terrible virus. It is at this moment that you intervene in order to save the game and the last arcade of the city.

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Browse the various biomes with neon colors and destroy your opponentswhile collecting loot, vital to face the powerful bosses who will block your way.

God saves videogames

Arcadegeddon subtly mixes the co-op multiplayer, PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player)This opens the door to a wide range of possibilities. Assemble your team of 4 with your friends and go out to defeat your enemies.

As you progress, you will encounter 12 gangs commanded by powerful leaders. When you unlock one of these leaders, it will invite you to take up challenges in order toto decorate your collection of skins but especially to gain tokens of power which will be exchanged for new and powerful abilities. You will be able to take up to three challenges at the same time.

The software will also offer you various mini-games in which all the blows will be allowed with or against your friends. If you are not fond of multiplayer games, you should know that it is also possible to do it in solo. Arcadegeddon also benefits from the Cross Play which will allow you to play with your friends even if you do not have the same console.

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As a reminder, the physical edition ofArcadegeddon will be available on August 30th on PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X.

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