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Arkane (Deathloop, Dishonored) will stay on his Void Engine


The LinkedIn profile of an Arkane Studios developer indicates that the company will be improving its internal game engine for use on future projects.

It seems that the Lyon studio of Arkane (Deathloop, Dishonored) is happy with its Void Engine physics engine. According to a tweeter who captured the LinkedIn profile of an internal developer, the studio’s next games will benefit from this in-house enginewhich his team will be in charge of “improving the technology for future projects”.

Used on death loop but also on the Dishonored series since the second episode in 2016, it allows the French studio to have a total control over its creation and use, and get rid of other proprietary engines like Unreal or Frostbite. Or almost, since it uses 70% of the code of id Software’s id Tech 6. No doubt the developers are keen to shape it even more for the specific needs of the studio.

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As for the famous next projects of the studio, no info on this side, we will have to wait for a next communication from the charismatic creative director Dinga Bakaba, new boss of the Lyon branch.

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