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ArmA 4 is coming, but in the meantime, Bohemia is launching ArmA Reforger


Bohemia Interactive has finally unveiled its plans for its ArmA license and is launching ArmA Reforger, a modder’s paradise.

ArmA is certainly one of the most popular (and most played) licenses on PCin particular thanks to its community of relentless modders who have also spawned several nuggets, some of which have even become games in their own right, such as PUBG or DayZ for example. And it is for this community that the studio announced the arrival of ArmA Reforger.

ArmA Reforger, the ultimate mod creator

This opus, which just entered early access on Steam and Xbox Seriesis a kind of giant sandbox serving as a technological showcase for Enfusion, the studio’s new in-house engineand of transition before ArmA 4 which is currently in development.

Players will be able to test different things there and thus give their feedback to the developers, while modders will be able to have fun with a whole range of tools available, the same ones used by developers. Suffice to say that the machine is powerful.

Arma Reforger takes players back to the island of Everon and a familiar fictional setting from the 1980s. […] The terrain, which spans an impressive 164 km2 and contains 51 km2 of land mass, offers players an amazing environment to explore, filled with dense forests, low hills, mountains, patchwork fields and cities. idyllic, inspired by the former state of Czechoslovakia and embellished with some memories of its French historical heritage. […] Arma Reforger hopes to empower the dedicated community of modders at Bohemia Interactive to use an exciting new suite of built-in Enfusion tools.

Eventually, ArmA Reforger will additionally include two multiplayer game modes. Conflictopposing two factions in a struggle for the control of territories that they will have to transform into strongholds, and a mode Game Master in which players will be able to create all kinds of quick scenarios to offer missions to the community. Bohemia also announces that all content created can also be downloaded on Xbox without any restrictions. An XXL snack perfect for waiting for ArmA 4 to show up.

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