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Artifactor and Maestra join the cast of Phantom Breaker: Omnia


Just over a month away from its console and PC release, Phantom Breaker: Omnia spotlights two new characters.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia – a kind of upgrade of the episode released exclusively at the Japan in 2011 (Phantom Breaker: Extra) – will allow itself, this time, to be approached globally March 15 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PCas previously announced.

But, while waiting for this next arrival, the editor Rocket Panda Games and the developer MAGI lifted the veil (via a video in particular) on two new female characters: Artifactor and Maestra. Thus, with their presence, the initial roster of the game now goes to 20 playable characters.


A wayward cosmic architect from a race of divine beings known as the Reverends. One of the universe’s earliest creators, the “Artifacts of Fu-menison” – mystical weapons of great strength – were tools of her design used to construct reality as we know it. She is currently the only known reverend still alive.


She once dwelt in Mikoto’s Fu-mension artifact, Maestro, until Mikoto’s wish not to fight caused her to appear. Although naive and a bit clumsy outside of combat, she bravely fights in Mikoto’s place and loves her mistress dearly. Always protective, she always stays by Mikoto’s side.

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