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Ashwalkers: a trailer and a date for the Switch version


The small group of survivors of Ashwalkers, after crossing the apocalyptic universe in black & white on PC, will arrive on Switch in a few days.

Announced for Switch in October 2021, the survival port of Nameless XIII will arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid console next March 10. Dear Villagers, who are in charge of the edition, also revealed the physical version of the title, with a special Ashwalkers – Survivor’s Edition.

The latter includes a new box design, a black and white artbook of the game as well as a set of stickers representing the characters of Ashwalkers. The game will of course also be available in digital version on the Nintendo eShop.

As a reminder, in this narrative game produced by the new studio by Hervé Bonin (co-founder of DontNod and co-creator of the Life is Strange series), you lead a group of survivors 200 years after a geological disasterand who seeks refuge for his people, with cruel dilemmas on the long and treacherous road.

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For Hervé Bonin, this gameplay is perfect for Switch users:

Ashwalkers is a narrative game that offers players the opportunity to create their own story in an apocalyptic world by guiding members of “The Section” through a significant number of choices to make. The gameplay adapts very well to the Switch. This console is a perfect fit for Ashwalkers’ thoughtful and deliberately paced approach to the survival genre.

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