Home News Atlus will talk about Soul Hackers again in a few days

Atlus will talk about Soul Hackers again in a few days


An internet countdown has been launched by Atlus and SEGA. It leads players to log into the site on January 21 for Soul Hackers news.

Countdowns are all the rage right now. After Capcom, it’s Atlus’s turn to teaser a site, with a count that brings visitors to January 21 at noon.

Available on this link, the site begins with a fake loading screen that reveals a few small sentences:

Hello HUMAN We want to collect your information > Checking device compatibility > Notice: Please, do NOT take your hands off the device > Call «Soul Hack» > Sequence start

In a series of tweets published alongside the site, Aion announces the end of humanity and invites hackers to connect at the end of the initialized sequence and “cooperate”. A smoothly conducted campaign which therefore announces a next episode of the Megami Tensei franchise.

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