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Atreus soon to be playable in God of War


Can Atreus be played in God of War? No. But it will soon be possible thanks to a game mod.

The Booyyyy takes control. A real success on Steam with no less than a million players from its launch, God of War PC does not escape the obligatory rite of passage for any port: mods. For the wackiest, like John Wick in Sifu, it will take a bit, but one of the latest is going to catch the eye of fans.

A mod to make Atreus playable

Relayed to a simple assistance in the fights of God of War, Atreus is now playable, well almost. This little sleight of hand designed by the modder Speclizer is not quite ready yet but gives a small idea of ​​what the game would have been like if Kratos’ son could have been controlled.

When the mod is ready and finished, the players will be able to make him move at will, and especially to shoot at the bow during the games, even boss fights like Baldur. Be careful however, it will not allow you to change characters on the fly, only Atreus will be playable and Kratos will play the role of assistant. The video only shows the beginning of the progress of this ambitious project therefore presents its small batch of bugs of all kinds. No doubt that once tweaked it should work wonders.

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