Home News Attacked by Take Two, Josef Farès must abandon It Takes Two

Attacked by Take Two, Josef Farès must abandon It Takes Two


After having condemned many brands that used the terms Rockstar or Social Club, Take Two decided to go after Hazelight Studios.

Hazelight Studios will no longer have the right to use the name It Takes Two in the future. The game of Josef Farès which was a great success is outlaw according to lawyers for publisher Take Two, which finds the similarity too pronounced.

Suddenly, following a complaint from the group in early 2021, Fares and his studio had no other choice than to announce the legal abandonment of the trademark, by notifying the US Patent Office of this decision.

Concretely, the studio will not be able to use this title any more in the future, but we do not know what this can mean for the game itself. Contacted by Eurogamer, Hazelight specifies that the team is “hopeful to resolve this situation”.

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It seems like Take Two has been in an aggressive rights recovery campaign lately. Many brands related to Rockstar, Mafia or other games related to the company are being picked up right now, as are complaints against the creators of personal projects.

Eurogamer recalls in particular the claim for the rights of the Chinese clothing brand Max Fayne, or a Florida entertainment company Rockstar Ax Throwing. And if not GTA 6?

Source: www.eurogamer.net

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