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Avalanche (Just Cause) alumni launch new studio


Former Avalanche founders launched Elemental Games, a studio that wants to take the best of the indie scene like AAA, and is already announcing an original open-world IP.

The founding members of Avalanche Studiosknown in particular for the Just Cause series or more recently Second Extinction, announced yesterday the creation from Elemental Games, a new independent development studio which is already focusing on a whole new IP.

Among the founders of this new studio are Linus and Viktor Blomberg, two of the creators of Just Cause. With Elemental Games, they announce that they want to “pursue a new vision of open world game developmentwith a new original franchise.

We will continue to evolve the systemic gameplay and the open world genre, using all the knowledge we’ve gained from Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage 2 and other Avalanche games.

– Linus Blomberg

The other founders of this company come from company like DICE, Ubisoft or Epic and have worked on games like Fortnite, Battlefield 1 or movies and series like Star Wars Episode 9, Mandalorian or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. However, Blomberg believes he will avoid copying and pasting Avalanche games by providing a greater creative freedom and artistic diversity.

Our ambition is to bringing together the best of AAA and Indie developmentby having a team with extensive experience in blockbusters, but driven by its personal passion for the profession, and enjoying total creative and financial independence.

We have seen in the past how technology, art and design often conflict rather than elevate each other. We are therefore creating an environment where none of these disciplines dictates its behavior to the others, where we use our experience and our know-how in a truly collaborative way, so that opportunities open up, which we would not even have considered isolated way.

For this, Elemental will use its own proprietary open world technology with third-party collaborations (presumably with Epic). New information will be unveiled during the GDC next week.

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