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Babylon’s Fall is already gold, and it’s super early


Square Enix’s A-RPG is due out in March 2022 but the publisher has already announced the title’s gold passage, which will therefore not suffer from any delay.

We are not going to shy away from our pleasure, for once we do not write an article to talk about a umpteenth report … Babylon’s Fall, which had previously scheduled players for March 2022, is coming already pass gold. This therefore means that the release date has been set and that the copies have gone to press.

Suddenly, the game will be released without delay, and above all, it is considered finished by the publisher. We hope that it has been widely picked up since the moment we had its preview version in hand. Another small clue that can put the chip in the ear: Square Enix has already announced a big patch day one which is being finalized.

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Released on March 3, 2022 on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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