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Bandai to bring back two famous shooter licenses


A new trademark filing casts doubt on the possible return of two arcade shooter series. Icons of the genre.

Bandai Namco has taken a look through its catalog and just filed two new trademarks for Time Crisis and Steel Gunner, two famous arcade shooter sagas.

A return of Time Crisis on consoles?

Originally appeared on arcade terminals in the 90s, Steel Gunner has had the right to several episodes over the years. The same goes for Time Crisis which, in addition to squatting on arcade terminals for ages, has had the right to a few episodes on consoles. The last one is none other than Time Crisis: Razing Storm released in 2010 on PS3.
If it is very difficult to imagine an arrival of Steel Gunner on our platforms, Time Crisis on the other hand, could quite make a smashing return with a new opus.

However, Bandai’s trademark registration is very broad and covers both traditional video game software, as well as those found on arcade terminals, and even rights concerning derivative products. In short, nothing is certain yet, but Bandai certainly has plans for these two licenses. Real dinosaurs in their genre.

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