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Battlefield 2042: classes back soon, specialists removed?


Battlefield 2042 is in the midst of a major change and DICE is planning to make people happy by completely revamping its specialist system. This time for good.

For months now, Battlefield 2042 has been getting a complete overhaul. After a rocky release, EA’s FPS has had the right to a large number of patches and as many major changes. But if the improvement of the maps and the balancing are good for the software, the players are waiting for the removal of specialists, and the return of classes. So much the better since DICE is currently on the case.

Changes for specialists and return of classes

After changing their appearance and voice, DICE plans to make some very big changes to its specialist system and bring back the long-awaited famous classes. With the upcoming overhaul, the developers are opting, not for a pure and simple removal of their characters, but for a fusion between the two systems.
The specialists will still be there, but will be completely rebalanced and divided into classes (Assault, Engineer, Medic, Scout). Battlefield 2042 has categorize its characters and all tactical equipmentwhere it is currently possible to take any item with any specialist.

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Thus, care boxes and other armored plates will now be reserved for doctors, while insertion tags will only be available for scouts. The objective is therefore to be able to clearly identify each role (which was not possible until now because we could only embark one gadget) and to make the gameplay more directional by forcing teamplay.
On the other hand, the weapons and accessories will remain free for all the classes. DICE wants to keep this freedom of play style. It will be possible to play a doctor with a DMR or a scout with a machine gun.

New distribution class system


  • Specialists: Mackay, Sundance, Dozer
  • Class item: Med Pen (personal care)
  • Class gadgets (1 to choose from): Smoke grenade launcher, C5 explosives
  • Disposable items: Frag, Smoke, Incendiary


  • Specialists: Angel, Falck
  • Class object: Defibrillator
  • Class gadgets (1 to choose from):IBA armor plates, Ammo box, Smoke grenade launcher, Medical box
  • Disposable items (1 of your choice): Frag, Smoke, EMP, Incendiary
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  • Specialist: Lis, Boris, Irish
  • Class item:Repair tool
  • Class gadgets (1 to choose from):M18 Claymore, Anti-tank Mine, M5 Recoilless, FXM-33 AA Missile, FGM-148 Javelin, EOD Bot
  • Disposable item (1 to choose from): Frag, Smoke, EMP, Incendiary


  • Specialist: Casper, Paik, Rao
  • Class object: Insertion tag
  • Class gadgets (1 to choose from):T-UGS, proximity sensor, SOFLAM, C5 explosives, tracer dart gun
  • Disposable item (1 of your choice): Frag, Smoke, EMP, Incendiary

When will the classes arrive in Battlefield 2042?

Specialist redesign and character classes will not be available with patch 3.2 in mid-season 3. The developers state that this is only an indicative date and that it may well take longer than expected.
In parallel, Battlefield 2042 will continue to receive frequent patches in addition to revisiting its maps and balancing as planned for many months. In short, the game is getting a makeover on all levels.
You can find all the details on this next update by going to this address.

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