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Battlefield 2042: DICE learned the lesson and would be on a new installment


Battlefield 2042 failed to live up to expectations and ultimately picked up on gamers. This does not prevent the launch of the development of a new opus.

While Battlefield 2042 has been stuck in shambles since launch and still hasn’t started its very first season, a good part of the development teams would have already moved on.

Battlefield 2042 already dead and buried?

It will surprise no one to say that Battlefield 2042, despite its few qualities, is a bitter failure with the players who have also abandoned the title in favor of previous opuses.

A stain on EA and DICE’s resume that the studio tried to minimize by bombarding BF 2042 with updates and multiplying the reports for adding content just to allow time to refine the beast. Lately, the developers had even thought of doing a total overhaul.

In short, it’s trouble for this poor Battlefield 2042 and internally, According to Tom Henderson’s sources, the designers say they have learned “valuable lessons” and that they will “certainly go back to a good part of the changes made in BF 2042” for the next opus.

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Obviously, DICE intends to turn the page and move on to bounce back. But what about Battlefield 2042 follow-up in this case?

Well according to Henderson, that shouldn’t be a problem and the game should have the right to its new specialists as agreed, but also new vehicles, new weapons and new maps. Moreover, the first of these cards should see the light of day this summer.

A modern next Battlefield, but without the mistakes of 2042

The knowledgeable insider claims his sources have also confirmed to him that the next Battlefield would take on a modern setting, or a bit futuristic, in the vein of BF 2042except that it would draw a line under many things brought with 2042, starting with its specialists.

Originally, Battlefield 2042 was to serve as a new basis for the license, and even bring the software to the “hero shooter”, except that obviously it is no longer relevant and many changes will be made. Moreover, some have already been tested internally and should then be tested directly on BF 2042.

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A way to take the temperature with the players and ensure survival in the game. Why not. In all cases, the next Battlefield would only be in its infancy and would just enter pre-production. Wait and see.

Source: www.xfire.com

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