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Battlefield 2042: end of specialists from season 1? The redesign continues


Battlefield 2042 is undergoing an internal restructuring and it looks like DICE has listened to players regarding specialists.

It’s the always very informed Tom Henderson who comes back to us to give us some details on the next, and first, season of Battlefield 2042. After being made to wait, the latter should be deployed by the start of the summer and should even point the tip of his nose on June 8 to introduce himself to us, if Henderson’s sources are correct.

Back to basics for Battlefield 2042?

As a bonus, according to insider information, the devs are reportedly preparing a complete specialist overhaul to address player criticism who accuse them of destroying the classic Battlefield class system. Furthermore, this overhaul could start as early as Season 1.

In addition to having the right to a new agent, a new map and a battle passso it could be that we also have the chance to quickly review our favorite classes. Although, let’s be honest for two minutes, that’s clearly not why the game is currently broken. But if it can please the players and bring them back, we will clearly not spit in the soup.

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Nevertheless, difficult for the moment to know how DICE intends to proceed, nor how its changes will be significant. As is, however, two solutions can be imagined.

The soft way, which would consist, for example, of reducing the capacities of specialists by redirecting them to a more classic class system and giving them exclusive equipment to strengthen their role.

Or the hard way, we remove absolutely all abilities, thus reducing the current specialists to the simple rank of cosmetic avatars (like on Call of Duty Vanguard for example) and we take up a basic class system like on all Battlefields previous ones.

These are only theories, but which seem to us to be the most probable. It remains to be seen what DICE will find and apply in the process. We will have the heart net very quickly obviously.

Besides, if you want take a look at the complete overhaul of Battlefield 2042you will find a video commented by the developers at this address.

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