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Battlefield 2042 finally adds the scoreboard! News @VGR


Battlefield 2042 is constantly evolving and receiving many updates. One of the next patches should also add the scoreboard. Better late than never.

If the game is not a total disaster, we must admit that there was still a lot missing in this Battlefield 2042, as we pointed out in our test when it was released.

However, the developers are not giving up and continue to keep their tub afloat with regular updates.

Moreover on twitter, they shared the main axes which currently focus all their attention. Among bug fixes, matchmaking preference options and other tweaks, a feature announces its big comeback: the scoreboard!

As a reminder, when it was released, BF2042 only offered little information on the statistics of the game which were confined to providing us with the number of kills and assists of our own squad. Now, as evidenced by the visual above, it will be possible to see the score of all the players present.

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What’s the point? AT not much, but many people missed it, so they will certainly be delighted.

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