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Battlefield 2042: patch 1.2 is here and the map redesign begins



Despite its tumultuous release, Battlefield 2042 is getting a facelift and DICE is seriously starting to rework its game from scratch.

Announced a while ago, Battlefield redesign starts now with patch 1.2 which embarks with many changes. The first big job is on Kaleidoscope, one of the worst cards in the game here totally redesigned. DICE has indeed “dirtied” the map to make it much more marked by the war while breaking the too many open fire lines. The developers have added a lot of scenery, new reliefs and have even redesigned entire sections of the area to make it even more credible while improving the gameplay.

Specialists have also had the right to a redesign to make them look more credible. In addition to a new face, they all have new audio tracks to mark their in-game actions. Finally, the menus have been redesigned, including the “profile” and “statistics” sections and the patch obviously brings an army of balancing and fixes of all kinds. You can find all the details and first visuals at this address, as well as the patch note below.

Battlefield 2042 patch 1.2 for PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One


  • Resolved a problem with the aiming aid that interfered with automatic tracking of moving targets.
  • A scroll menu has been added when displaying weapon accessories.
  • Character’s feet no longer sink into the ground when previewing skins in the middle of a game.
  • The text that signals the Ranger category is clearer in the Collection menu.
  • The Hide UI button in the Battle Pass menu no longer hides game card backgrounds or plates.

Battlefield Portal

  • Rush Era-specific relays have been added to all maps. The Bad Company 2 version of these relays has also received visual improvements.
  • Fixed a problem that caused AI soldiers driving tanks to not move on the El Alamein: Axis Airfield map.


  • Dozer no longer regenerates explosive damage even when the soldier’s health regeneration is activated.
  • The Vehicle Request Delay modifier now affects the time window between when a vehicle is destroyed and when it becomes available for use again.
  • The request shelf now correctly shows unavailable vehicles when the limit is reached.
  • AI soldiers can fly planes.
  • Vehicle Superiority now respects the ticket multiplier modifier.
  • The Vehicle Superiority ticket progress bar now displays based on the maximum tickets remaining.
  • A separate new modifier has been added for activating AI passenger seats.

Rules Editor

  • Quads placed on the map are connected to the ModBuilder blocks.
  • Fixed teleportation problem with rules editor on Exposition.
  • The Equal block in the rule editor supports the capture point type.
  • Disabled capture points no longer have an impact on the game, such as constant ticket loss.
  • Teleportation works correctly in Vehicle Superiority modes.
  • Added new rules editor blocks.
  • Quick pickup of multiple bags of ammo should be properly recorded.
  • Incorrect status is no longer displayed when using instant lock projectiles such as the Sundance anti-armor grenade.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use two consecutive IBA bulletproof plates after placing Boris’ SG-36 auto turret or Irish’s DCS deployable protection.

Anti-tank mine

  • The handle of the anti-tank mine no longer floats when held and you switch to NTW-50.
  • C5

  • The C5 no longer attaches to the MV38 Condor when launched from the passenger seat.

Deployment beacon

  • The health gauge and deployment beacon icon should no longer be obscured by terrain.

Repair Tool

  • The repair tool’s reload time starts immediately when you stop a repair.
  • There is no longer an incorrect delay before the overheat starts.

Smoke grenade launcher

  • Smoke grenade launcher now shows the right category in the Battle Pass.

Hazard Zone

  • It is now possible for a powerful AI tank to appear, protecting a significant number of data drives. It is indicated on the map. If you ever want to try to get the jackpot…
  • The icons in the environment have been adjusted to make it easier to read the number of data drives at each location.
  • You can retrieve gadgets from AI players and soldiers.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Ranger and vehicle calling after picking up the link terminal.


  • Automatic parachute deployment should no longer be triggered too late or cause fall damage.
  • The camera no longer transitions between first person and third person during a hand-to-hand attack.
  • Sometimes characters would not drop their weapon when dying in a vehicle. This problem has been fixed.
  • Changed the areas where explosive damage would hit characters when they were out of range.
  • Fixed an issue that caused melee attacks to cause physical problems on transition areas, such as slopes.
  • Fixed a reanimation bug that did not cancel when performing a melee attack.
  • Character models no longer mix up during hand-to-hand animations.
  • Fixed animations on the ground that were not played correctly if you died before other players appeared.
  • Fixed an issue where ally reanimation was not possible inside the elevator on Renewal.
  • Added high quality animations for soldiers behind obstacles in elimination camera.
  • When you appear on a character in a prone position, you automatically go into a prone posture.
  • The recumbent position on steep slopes has been improved. This should prevent incorrect scattering when shooting.
  • You can lie down while walking backwards.
  • Character models would sometimes walk through walls while lying down, allowing them to take damage. This problem will no longer occur.
  • Stairs or slopes should no longer throw a crossing animation.
  • You should no longer see a jerky animation when starting a slide.
  • Improved the appearance of character and vehicle models when they appear in your field of view when they were hidden.
  • Fixed the fact that the forward key had to be held for a short time to climb the ladder.
  • Jumps should no longer be interrupted directly after clearing an obstacle.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented sliding right after climbing a ladder.
  • Jumping when sliding should now trigger correctly.



  • We felt that Paik’s EMG-X scanner was not always useful as an offensive tool, as it revealed her presence and thus made her vulnerable.
  • So we removed this tracking effect on her and slightly increased the time it takes to track scanned enemies, to make it more useful.
  • Increased the tracking time with the EMG-X scanner (0.5 -> 0.85 sec).
  • Paik is no longer spotted when using the EMG-X scanner.


  • Rao’s hacking effect should no longer persist while sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle.
  • Rao’s hacking animation should no longer crash.
  • Rao’s hacking correctly goes through some objects.


  • Fixed discrepancies with Sundance grenade icons.
  • Sundance’s wingsuit audio should stop when you get into a vehicle.
  • You should be able to do hand-to-hand eliminations while in the bushes.


  • Angel’s equipment box should no longer block the ladders.


  • The OV-P reconnaissance drone is always destroyed when hit by air vehicles.


  • The strike with Dozer’s SOB-8 shield should always follow the enemy.
  • The camera should no longer pass through structures when attacking with Dozer’s SOB-8 shield.


  • Ammunition and medical cases can no longer pass through Irish’s deployable DCS protection.


  • Fixed a problem that caused Lis’ G-84 TGM to hit the rear of a T-90 tank with only 1% damage.
  • Resolved a problem with the ATH of air vehicles disappearing when shooting and reloading with the G-84 TGM from a passenger seat.
  • G-84 TGM’s missile camera correctly displays the sandstorm on Hourglass.
  • Lis animations should no longer pass through elements at the end of the run.
  • Reduced the brightness of Lis’ Armor Stalker attribute.


  • Added View Icon Opacity option. This new feature allows you to adjust the opacity of the icons depending on the distance from the center of the screen. Icons in the center of the screen will be more transparent, while icons on the edges of the screen will be more opaque.
  • This feature is intended to prevent icons from obstructing visibility when aiming at targets. This effect is permanently active and is more pronounced when zooming (high transparency when the icon is in the center). The opacity of enemy player icons is not affected by this feature.
  • Added options to customize the area of the screen where opacity is affected, but also the transparency in the peripheral area or in the center of the screen when zooming/unzooming. This option can be found in DISPLAY > ATH – Icons.
  • Added a new ATH option named “Horizontal Positioning (ATH)”, which allows to adjust the distance of ATH elements from the left and right edges of the screen. If this parameter is set to 0, items such as the mini-map and the inventory will be on the edges of the screen. If it is set to 100, these items will be near the center of the screen. This option is found in DISPLAY > ATH – GENERAL.
  • Improved the readability of the nearby grenade warning icon. Adjustments have been made to the animation, size and opacity to make it easier to see the warning when the grenade is not in the field of view.
  • Health bar, icons and names should always be visible on unoccupied and allied vehicles.
  • Fixed distance not being visible with position, danger and objective signal icons when they were on the edge of the screen


  • Helicopter rotor transparency adjustment in subjective view to reduce photosensitivity.
  • Ammunition counters and actual reload time are well synchronized for vehicle pods.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the MV38 Condor from taking off in flight mode.
  • Fixed the missile reload timer that remained on the screen after changing weapons.
  • Minigun sparkle now adjusts for brightness so it doesn’t interfere with your vision in low light environments.
  • Added a case ejection effect for the MD540 Nightbird’s 20mm minigun.
  • Added a case ejection effect for the 25mm anti-aircraft weapons on air vehicles.
  • Collision damage has been revised for light air vehicles vs. heavy air vehicles. This does not mean that vehicles are immediately destroyed upon collision, but they will take more damage than before.
  • Nacelle – 50 mm airgun (Condor/Hind)
  • The MV-38 Condor and Mi-240 Super Hind were still too powerful against infantry. We adjusted their 50mm cannon to limit their impact on infantry and put more emphasis on the fact that they are transport helicopters.
  • Reduction in the number of rounds (12 -> 8)
  • Reduction of the explosion radius (5 m -> 3,5 m)
  • Increased refueling time (3.5 s -> 6 s)

EBAA Wildcat

We have adjusted the anti-aircraft capabilities of the EBAA WILDCAT to be more effective against air vehicles.

  • Anti-aircraft missiles: damage increase (130 -> 210) It now takes 2 missiles to destroy the Nightbird and fighters. Helicopters will now have critical health.
  • Increased the lock range of anti-aircraft missiles (400m -> 600m)
  • Removed minimum damage from dual 30mm anti-aircraft guns. Now they deal the same amount of damage regardless of distance.
  • Dual 30mm anti-aircraft guns deal slightly more damage against fighters and all helicopters.
  • RAH-68 Huron / YG-99 Hannibal

We felt that the 30mm gun pods on the stealth helicopters were too powerful against infantry, as they could fire for an extended period of time without soldiers being able to return fire. We therefore increased the overheat rate of these guns to limit their impact on infantry.

  • Increased the overheat rate of the 30mm gun pods of the RAH-68 Huron and the YG-99 Hannibal.
  • Wrong key assignments no longer display in the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal gunner’s seat equipment location.
  • Adjusted the entry position of the YG-99 Hannibal and RAH-68 Huron.


  • Fixed a problem that caused shotguns to deal damage up to 300m. Now they no longer deal damage beyond 200m.
  • You will feel less unsafe if enemies are shooting at you from a distance with a shotgun. If you shoot a shotgun, you will no longer have the mistaken impression that you can take out enemies from a distance.
  • The incendiary grenade launcher no longer takes out enemies in one shot.
  • Reduced peripheral blur around weapon scopes when zooming in to improve overall visibility.
  • The M5A3 gun is no longer visible through some scopes.
  • The BKS scope no longer goes through the camera with the NTW-50.
  • The Ghostmaker R10 barrel is no longer visible through some scopes.
  • A number of scopes have been updated for wider visibility when using the sight.
  • Changed case ejection effects so that they are not visible when aiming with PSO-1 scope.
  • Fixed a problem that broke the BKS 8X and SDB 10X scope models when some modules were equipped.
  • Added “Target system management” label for the Target 8T 1.25-4.5X scope.
  • Default buckshot magazine icon is now the correct size.
  • The default red dot sight on the MP28 now has the correct icon.
  • Fixed a problem that displayed incorrect visuals through the goggles with some skins.


  • The automatic mode of the BSV-M no longer offers recoil compensation and instead has a 15% dispersion penalty.
  • Adjusted the power loss of the BSV-M’s high-powered ammunition to start at 50 m instead of 100 m.
  • Corrected the recoil of the BSV-M that was not reduced when using the bipod.
  • Corrected the size of the BSV-M magazine on the ATH that did not match the one equipped.


  • Reduced damage from subsonic, regulation and powerful K30 bullets.
  • Subsonic, 0-10 m – 22 deg. -> 18 deg.
  • Subsonics, 30-40 m – 18 deg. -> 15 deg.
  • Regulatory, 0-10 m – 22 deg. -> 18 deg.
  • High power, 0-10 m – 22 deg. -> 18 deg.


  • M5A3 damage reduction in close combat.
  • 0-20 m – 22 deg. -> 18 deg.

  • MP9 damage reduction in close combat.
  • 0-5m – 28 deg. -> 22 deg.
    30-40 m – 22 deg. -> 18 deg.

Under the gun

  • Reduced reticle size of the Masterkey accessory.
  • Characters were taking damage from the initial impact of the 40mm incendiary grenade launcher, but not from the flames. [*]Now they will burn as expected.
  • Shooting with module makes you appear on the mini-map.
  • Fixed an erroneous animation that would sometimes start when using a module while in the More menu.
  • A module icon is now displayed when aiming with the Launcher/Masterkey mode.
  • Added default module to M5A3 in Hazard Zone.
  • The fire mode icon is now present when using modules.
  • The fire mode assignment is no longer present when using modules.

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