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Battlefield 2042: Patch 4.0 kicks off the revamp next week


DICE had told us that a very big patch was going to arrive before the end of the month and that it would change a lot of things. You will not be disappointed.

For months we have been promised mountains and wonders, but in the end we only have reports to put in our mouths almost every time. Season 1 is still waiting, the patches are struggling to raise the bar and the app is literally sinking.

However, DICE had teased it to us, Battlefield 2042 is not dead and is heading for an overhaul, and it’s starting starting next week with patch 4.0 which is expected on PS5, Xbox Series, PC PS4 and Xbox One.

Patch 4.0 will save battlefield 2042?

An important, huge even, update that will fix over 400 bugs and will finally embed features that have been awaited for ages, such as the scoreboard at the end of the game or even the in-game chat.

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If for the moment the full patch note has not been given, Kevin Johnson, Community Manager of the studio, shared several details and important points in long tweets.

In particular, we learn that in addition hundreds of bugs fixedthe app will slowly begin to change its face. Characters, like Sundance, will be entitled to balancing as ribbons and xp gains that will focus more on old-fashioned team play.

Weapon accessories will have the right to a complete overhaul to improve the gunplay and offer real strategic and distinct choices. At last, the vehicles will also be entitled to a shower of changes and balancing.

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Undoubtedly, EA and DICE are doing everything they can to try to save the boat from sinking forever. Giving a second wind to Battlefield 2042 seems to be at the heart of their priorities even if the development of the next opus has begun.

With such promises, developers will certainly be expected at the turn. On our side, we will still have to make room on our consoles and PCs. Patch 4.0 may be loaded.

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