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Battlefield 2042: Players Demand Refund Via Petition


Certainly, the Electronic Arts FPS is struggling to get out of the mess it has gotten itself into since its release and players are now asking for reimbursement for what they consider to be a nest of bugs.

Despite regular updates, Battlefield 2042 is pedaling in sauerkraut and the developers seem to be a bit overwhelmed by the workload they have left to overcome, so much so that season 1 of the software is once again postponed, and that the patches are even starting to fall behind.

For their part, tired of not being able to enjoy the game as they hoped, several thousand players have signed a petition asking that Battlefield 2042 be refunded to them. A situation that recalls what Cyberpunk 2077 suffered. The author of the said petition also pointed out that if the threshold of 50,000 signatures was reached, the case would be taken to court.

[…]One of the top class action lawyers in the country is ready to take the case against EA. Signing this petition is like saying “I would like a refund for this game”.[…]Many promises made at launch were broken and the game was unplayable. Even now, Battlefield 2042 has bugs that impact the gameplay experience so much that it is considered an unfinished version by many in the community.

For now, the petition gathered no less than 25,000 signatures, and it increases. On the other side, neither EA nor DICE have yet communicated on the situation.

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