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Battlefield 2042 postpones its season 1 once again


Decidedly, Battlefield 2042 is struggling to recover to the point that DICE is once again postponing season 1 to a later date.

the FPS from Electronic Arts and DICE has been stuck in sauerkraut since its release, and could even go free to play, but still continues to be patched over the months. Regular updates that bring a large amount of fixes and new features.

But, it’s clearly not over: DICE obviously has a lot of other things to put in place, so much so that the studio has completely postponed season 1 of its shooter.

This is not the first time that season 1 has been postponed, since it was originally supposed to see the light of day at the beginning of this year. 2022. Ultimately, it will only start this summer, without any specific date, in order to let the teams work on the many additions to come.

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Remember, a few weeks ago, we were talking to you, for example, about the return of the scoreboard, absent at the exit. Well this will not be the only feature to be retyped internally, since squad commands or voice chat will also be on the operating table.

Nevertheless, to thank players who have purchased the Gold and Ultimate editions for their forced patience, the studio will give them an exclusive pack including cosmetics (weapon and character skins).

Yes, because the joke is there: it must be remembered that the special editions of Battlefield 2042 had as their main selling points, direct access to Seasonal Battle Passes and early acquisition of new Operators also released each season. Except they’re late. Therefore…

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