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Battlefield 2042: season 2 is coming and reveals all its new features


Battlefield 2042 is about to enter its second season, and with the new season comes an avalanche of new features (weapons, map, specialist, etc.).

While the software was talking about it a while ago by presenting us the next redesign of its specialists and the return of the famous classes so long awaited, Battlefield 2042 now presents us its season 2, “Master of Weapons”.

About 2 months after its first season was postponed many times, BF2042 is moving on to the second season with a series of content updates. Season 2 “Master of Arms” to be released on August 30 next on consoles and PC and will add several things.

New Support Specialist

First, a brand new specialist, Crowford, will enter the battlefield. A support-oriented soldier able to relieve his teammates by giving them ammunition and with a special ability oriented on defense. Crowford will be able to deploy a minigun turret with a ballistic shield to use it to hold a position or to make heavy fires. On the other hand, the manual turret is particularly heavy and its viewing angles are restricted.

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New map in Panama

Another main novelty is the new map, Grounding, which takes place near the Panama Canal. An exotic and smaller than usual map that will tend to to prioritize infantry battles with many choke points and cover everywhere. You can also enjoy the carcass ofa stranded cargo ship to participate in close combat or bypass the enemies with vehicles by using the main axes of the map and the open flanks.

Weapons and vehicles

Finally, there are no less than three weapons which will be added to your arsenal. THE AM40a hybrid weapon between machine pistol and assault rifle, the Avancysa compact rifle focused on mobility and the PF51a light machine gun ideal for those who love beaters.
Finally, you will be able to fly two new vehicles, the EBLC-Ram and the Polaris RZRspecialized in fast troop movements. One of them looks like a small and very flexible buggy, the other like a jeep equipped with a turret for defense. You can have a look at the weapons and vehicles directly on the official website.

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