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Because of Battlefield, DICE has ‘no time’ for Mirror’s Edge


Too busy making her Battlefield 2042 enjoyable for players, the new boss of DICE announces that the studio does not take care of any other house franchise.

The new boss of DICEElectronic Arts’ in-house studio, has “no time” to deal with anything other than the Battlefield FPS franchise. Rebecka Coutaz confirms what we felt good about the developer of Battlefield 2042: all the teams are turned towards the redesign of the game which did not obtain the expected critical success.

In an interview published by Games Industrythe one who took the head of the studio last November announced that there was for the moment no room for Mirror’s Edge or Star Wars Battlefront projects.

We’re just focused on Battlefield 2042. There’s no time for anything else and that’s what we want to do. In three years, we want to be the FPS parent company that DICE deserves to be, and that’s what we’re going to do.

Coutaz is now confident about the future success of BF 2042 after many patches and the launch of Season 1.

Players like our map and the content we’ve provided, so it’s a win for us and it makes us feel better. […] The team is here to make Battlefield, and they are passionate about Battlefield. We have many Battlefield veterans. It is therefore important for us to improve Battlefield 2042 and the experience we can offer our players. We owe them that.

As a reminder, EA revealed in December 2021 that it had a long-term vision for its license, wishing to create a connected Battlefield Universe. But a new opus would not be expected anytime soon. Enough to give the teams time to prepare worked and accomplished editionsthanks in particular to the help of the new team of Marcus Lehto (ex-Halo designer) in Seattle. But not necessarily to focus on other games…

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Source: www.gamesindustry.biz

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