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before the PS5 Pro, Sony should release a new console… PS5 Slim? News @VGR


If everyone is waiting for news of the PS5 Pro, Sony for its part is preparing to launch the production of a new model of its classic PS5.

Between prototypes sent around the globe, and rumors suggesting a release for 2023, the PS5 Pro is on everyone’s lips. It will happen, that’s for sure, but in the meantime, Sony has other plans for its PS5.

A PS5 Slim while waiting for the PS5 Pro?

With the current shortages, Sony is having a hard time selling its classic PS5s and has even missed the goals it had set for itself, but that does not prevent it from already preparing the sequel and adapting to overcome the problem. out of stock.

According to new documents, Sony has just certified a new PS5 console model with the Japanese ministry responsible for verifying compliance with technological standards.

If it is confirmed that this PS5 “CFI-1200” will be equipped witha new wireless systemnothing can however assure us that it will be more powerful than its big sister, although the Taiwanese site Digitimes had already reported that a PS5 console equipped with a new 6nm AMD processor was to go into production in 2022.

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As our colleagues at VGC point out, this new machine would ultimately only be a slight overhaul of the console we currently knowwith the aim of reducing material costs and finding an alternative to the shortages plaguing the industry. An idea already mentioned last year by the financial manager of the firm.

So it could be here thatan optimized “Slim” PS5 which would then serve as a buffer while Sony could polish up its next PS5 Pro.
After all, since the PS1, all Sony consoles have been entitled to their Slim version so far, why not the PS5?

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