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Bend Studio: a new logo for a new IP inspired by Days Gone


The father of Siphon Filter and Days Gone gets a makeover. And that goes through the presentation of a brand new logo. In addition, the studio teases us with its next IP which will probably have a Days Gone tune.

A page turns in the history of BendStudio. After disappointing fans by announcing that Days Gone 2 would not see the light of day, despite petitions by players to change the situation. Here is the studio created in 1993 modernizes its image by presenting a new logo much more stylized.

We decided to create a new identity that would be avant-garde, abstract and minimalist. It should feature simple, high-tech geometry, but also represent the constant movement of creativity. Ideally, it would be the kind of logo recognizable by gamers on the street without the need for a wordmark. Over time, it should be easily identified as a gaming symbol, much like a certain swoosh is sportswear.

An announcement discussed at length in a PlayStation Blog article, which does not hesitate to come back to the important stages of the studio, and in particular the creation of an iconic license –Siphon Filter-, Passing by Uncharted: Golden Abyssor more recently the very popular Days Gone, which, despite its 9 million copies sold, and a PC port, has not received PlayStation’s approval to launch the sequel… Too bad.

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However, Ben Studio decided it was time to tease his future project a bit, and that’s Kevin McAllister, Bend Studio community manager which launches:

…Today we are excited to share just a snippet of news about our current project. We are currently working on a new IP that includes multiplayer and builds on Days Gone’s open world systemsbut brings you a whole new world that we are extremely excited to create for you. We can’t wait to reveal it to you when the time comes…

Nothing else to eat for the moment, and we will therefore have to wait for a new speech from the studio to know more about this new IP which could delight owners of PS4, PS5 and why not PSVR 2.

Source: blog.playstation.com

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