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Beta Preview – How’s it going? @VGR


We had already been able to try out Roller Champions in 2019 after it was announced at E3 by Ubisoft. Since then, things have necessarily evolved well and its release is approaching with great speed since it is announced for early 2021 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. A closed beta start today February 17, 2021 at 7 p.m. until March 1 at 11 p.m.. However, we were able to try it out in preview and we suggest that you put your skates back on to see what this title competitive multiplayerwhich will adopt the format free-to-playhas become since E3.

Turn Carousel

Roller Champions

As you probably know, Roller Champions is a fictional and futuristic sports game where all shots are allowed. Clearly eyeing the side of Rocket League, he offers to create his own champion to embark on 3v3 matches in a closed oval arena where the goal is to gain possession of a ball, and keep it within one’s team long enough for the basket to open and it to be thrown through it.

Roller Champions is clearly eyeing the Rocket League side.

The basket is indeed hermetically sealed and requires a full turn with the ball to the color of his team so that it becomes possible to score. Therefore, if the projectile ends up in the goal, it is a point gained. But if you decide to keep it and perform a second round, it’s not 1 but 3 points that await you if you manage to cross the hoop. The jackpot is reached if you chain 3 rounds before scoring since you will then leave with 5 points in your pocket.

Roller Champions

And 5 points is what you need to win the game. The first team to reach this score is declared the winner and the match ends. On the other hand, as soon as the ball changes court, all counters are reset, the basket closes and everything has to be started again. We must therefore choose between try your luck to score more points at the risk of leaving empty-handed and having to redo everything, or settle for a point as soon as possible but having to repeat the operation several times, with the threat that the opposing team arrives at 5 points first.

The first team to reach 5 points is declared the winner and the match ends.

If neither team reaches 5 points before the end of the 7 minute time limitthe game ends, except in case of a tie or the team with the lowest score has the ball once the countdown is complete. In the latter case, additional time is granted to decide between them or to give the challenger a last opportunity to score and win with, for example, a 5-point basket.

You have the coco loot

Roller Champions

With his colorful cartoon lookRoller Champions is quite pleasing to the eye without multiplying the pixels, which makes it possible to have a game capable of functioning online without worries even for the smallest configs. And it is indeed the case, the title proving to be really very fluid. Self-tracking camera provides a clear view of the situation and although everything can sometimes turn in all directions quite quickly, we manage to read the game easily and not find ourselves disoriented. Even if it has no influence on the gameplay, we regret on the other hand that only 3 stages are currently available (Acapulco, Mexico City and Chichenitza). But the game relying on access to new arenas, including larger ones, with the progression of players, their number should increase thereafter, at least we hope.

The game is really very fluid.

Embellished with up-to-date well-known songs like “don’t let me down“from The Chainsmokers featuring Daya,”Super star“by Beatrich, or again”Championperformed by The Tech Thieves, the atmosphere is friendly and the title is clearly about fun. To be able to take full advantage of it, it goes without saying that a controller is strongly recommended. Note here that if the keys are of course pre-assigned, you have the possibility of carrying out a remapping if it does not suit you.

Roller Champions

Emphasis was also placed on the champion customization. During your first connection, you will have to start by choosing his physical appearance. It must however be admitted that if the skin color and the morphology are clearly distinguishable, we haven’t really noticed any differences in the faces offered, or even been able to distinguish the men from the women. Maybe it wasn’t implemented properly yet, but as it stands, it’s far from convincing. Going through the shop, on the other hand, you can take care of your look (helmets, outfits, gloves and skates), the items on offer are regularly renewed. You even have the possibility to modify your presentation (banner, title, poses, special effects during goals) and your emotes, but we have not yet been able to see what it is really about at this level.

A paid Premium pass will unlock exclusive rewards.

Purchases are made with wheels (wheels) won by participating in matches, but also by gaining experience. One 30 day roller pass makes it possible to obtain wheels or directly objects by reaching certain third parties. One paid premium pass will allow at the same time to unlock exclusive rewards which will be limited to obtaining wheels or cosmetic elements. It is also possible to obtain “lootballs”, as for example after the 3rd daily match. As their name clearly suggests, these offer random equipment with more or less chance of obtaining common (65%), rare (25%), epic (7%) or legendary (3%) items. Finally, you can also choose your sponsors who will get you contracts with the key to rewards to be gleaned if you meet the objectives set in the allotted time.

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Skateboarding Middle Town

Roller Champions

The heart of the software therefore lies in the participation in matches, but several game modes are on the program. In addition to the tutorial to learn or revise the basic principles, there is now the possibility of launching a fast gamebut also of customize your own match by choosing the stadium and the participants that you can draw from among your friends or bots. Also, even though it’s not yet enabled in the beta, classified encounters are planned as well as surprises, in particular with a 2v2 mode which should temporarily see the light of day. At last, a skatepark has been added. This one can group up to 6 skaters and serve as a social hub, voice chat in support, to get to know each other and perhaps form teams rather than resorting to matchmaking. You can also use this place to train, but it will quickly become boring.

A skatepark has been added to serve as a social hub, but the interest seems quite limited to us.

However, events are regularly initiated to challenge the players present. and foster the spirit of competition with fans to win. However, the interest seems rather limited to us. Let us specify here that the fans are the reward obtained by gaining experience. So you will see stadium stands fill up as your reputation grows. In any case, one thing is certain, the title of Ubisoft will only succeed in imposing itself on the condition of succeed in forming a real community around this one. The fact that it is free and that it will offer (after the beta) cross play will certainly promote this, but theunavoidable redundant aspect to this kind of game will also require theregular supply of new productsincluding new activities.

Roller Champions

If in its structure, Roller Champions looks pretty standardit is at the level of the gameplay that it shows originality by mixing roller-skating and basketball. Since the 2019 alpha, new moves have been added and if they remain limited, they are now varied enough to allow you to have fun without having to spend hours before mastering the controls. It still takes a little time to adapt before you manage to do something correct and training will clearly guarantee success once in play, against real players. The matches against the bots, on the other hand, should quickly end in 9-0, the goal sought for fun becoming to reach 4-0 to finish on a 5-point basket. The other players are therefore quite quickly indispensable and both the efficiency and the speed of matchmaking will be a determining factor for the success of the software.

If in its structure, the game appears quite classic, it is at the level of the gameplay that it shows originality.

To come back to the gameplay, it is essential here to know how to pick up speed when lowering downhill and keep it by exploiting the glass walls of the stadium or by hanging on to one of its partners for forward propulsion. Similarly, you can use your teammates to jump on their backs and soar through the air either to score, or to jump on the ball or against an opponent. It is also possible to use the uppercut or 360° kick technique to get rid of a competitor in midair or to deflect the ball before it crosses the basket. And when our team finds itself in possession of the ball that we can pass from one to the other, we have to make sure to keep it avoiding opponents’ tackles and protecting the carrier of the sesame knocking off the followers.

Roller Champions

Note thata partial tackle will only generate a momentary imbalance. From aerial tackles consisting of throwing yourself forward after a jump can also be attempted and prove to be very effective, but are quite difficult to succeed. And to avoid falling and losing the ball, zigzags are an option, as are jumps over opposing heads, being wary of uppercuts that could be triggered. As for scoring, it goes through a aiming in action not always obvious, unless you brake at the risk of being tackled. We will end by stating that the direction of rotation is not imposed, the main thing being that the ball crosses each of the four illuminated airlocks to validate a turn. Likewise, it can cross the basket from one side or the other. This last point adds another additional tactical aspect to the game which, for sure, will know how to be exploited.

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