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Bethesda on a new game linked to a big comic book license? News @VGR


A former developer at Roundhouse Studios, owned by Bethesda Softworks, has revealed that in 2019 he worked on an unannounced title tied to a major comic book license.

The bets have been made! What will be the next big comic book franchise adapted for video games? Marvel is rather open to everyone while DC Comics is very close to Warner and its studios. But we can also consider licenses of lesser known Dark horse (Hellboy, The Mask) or Image Comics (The Walking Dead). Or even Super Dupont.

In any case, Bethesda could be at work on a new online game, a third person shooter in team PvPvE. This title is based on a “major comic book license” and would be developed on Unreal Engine 4.

The info was revealed by a former team developer on his LinkedIn (and that VGR was able to consult), left since at PUBG, but whose description of his tasks details this “unannounced project” and started in 2019 while he was at Human Head Studios. We can also confirm that other former artists or programmers are talking about an unannounced AAA title that debuted in 2019 in this studio.

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The company, acquired in 2019, was incorporated into the new division Roundhouse Studios of Bethesda. It looks like the project hasn’t been canceled since, according to the team’s former Senior Character Artist.

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