Home News Bethesda trademarks ‘Spyteam’ again, its secret game

Bethesda trademarks ‘Spyteam’ again, its secret game


ZeniMax’s development studio has just re-filed a trademark linked to a secret project that already appeared in 2019. It could be a multiplayer FPS that has been in production for a few years.

It’s here second time that this brand has been unveiled on the networks. As revealed on Twitter this weekend, studio Bethesda filed the trademark last January. Spyteam, considered a new secret game project in the subsidiary of ZeniMax.

Already busy with very big projects for the years to come, like Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI, the American giant also recruited for a multiplayer AAA less than a year ago, before a former developer unveiled a project for him. also multi, an adaptation of comics in the pipes since 2019. Are these three projects just one?

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Spyteam was indeed unveiled for the first time at the very end of 2018 with a first trademark registration, which has been renewed every year since by the parent company of Bethesda. For many, this new record would indicate that fresh news could be coming soon. Hope gives life.

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