Home News Bibots bullet-hell shows off its gameplay in video

Bibots bullet-hell shows off its gameplay in video


Roguelike and shoot’em up scheduled for 2022, Bibots is revealed with new moving images from a French studio.

The planet Takaful is invaded by formidable monsters and creatures which sow its destruction. Take control of Tayar, elected by a Bibot by direct universal suffrage to become the savior of the world. In this nervous roguelike from the small French studio Square Squid scheduled for PC in 2022, you become a kind of Smurf in cosplay of Samus Aran, looking for equipment on the maps, in a pure style of manic shooter.

Each Bibot has unique skills for different gameplay. The developer also explains that the panoply weapons to customize with the recovered elements allows an infinite number of combinations.

Bibots is planned on PC for the 2nd quarter 2022.

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